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(Financial aid can be complicated! Click here for a searchable glossary of terms!)

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Gates Scholarship DUE SEPTEMBER 15!

QuestBridge College Match

Scholarships searchable by Month Due

$15k Scholarship for Asian/ Pacific Islander students interested in a career in health sciences

Education First Scholarship for Students at North or West High Schools (DPS)

Greenhouse Scholars Due December 1, 2017

Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation

Jackie Robinson Scholarship

FULL RIDE to Washington University St Louis

FULL RIDE to Northeastern University, Boston

FULL RIDE to Providence College for students interested in the medical field

FULL RIDE to Salem College

Credit Union of CO Scholarship

Colorado Mason's $10k/year Scholarship

Colorado Mason's Vocational Grant

Sachs Foundation Scholarships for Black/African American High School Students 

Interested in engineering, ergonomics or technology? Check this out!

Girls Impact the World Film Scholarships and Internship Opportunities

Up to $100,000 Scholarship Available for a Team Research Project: Math:Science:Technology

VFW Youth Scholarship for Democracy Loving Students. Up to $30,000!

Are you a Bruce Lee fan? Here's a scholarship opportunity!

New for YESS Students! ALL WAYS UP Foundation Scholarship!

Denver Scholarship Foundation 

Puksta Foundation Scholarship- DU, MSU, CSU, UCD, CU Boulder

La Raza Youth Leadership Scholarship - scholarship info is at the bottom of their page

Denver Deltas Scholarship

For Entrepreneurs!

State Farm Good Neighbor Scholarship

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Are you an Anti-Tobacco Activist? Apply for this Scholarship!

Western Union Scholars Application

Interested in cosmetology and/or barbering?

Google Generation Scholarship

Scholarships with January and February Deadlines compiled by DSF

MCA Denver Failure Scholarship

Crowley Foundation Scholarship

Davis Putter Scholarship

Education First! for North and West HS Students 

Are you a Visual Artists? Check this one out!

Colorado Garden Foundation- Several scholarships including one for a FULL RIDE!

Point Foundation Application

Interested in Coal Mining?

Scholarship for youth with LD / ADHD

Latinas First Foundation

Point Foundation: LGBTQ Student Scholarships

Dream Summer Fellowship– Participants are placed in social justice organizations for 10 weeks to incorporate and strengthen the inclusion of undocumented immigrant issues onto the organization’s social justice work. Dream Summer participants receive a $5,000 fellowship for their participation in the program.

Crowley Prep has shared their Scholarship Search Engine

Sachs Foundation Scholarships for Black/African American High School Students

Hispanic Annual Salute Scholarship

Merit Based Scholarships for First Generation Students

Multiple scholarships at the Denver Foundation

Colorado State University Scholarships

University of Northern Colorado Scholarships

Adams State University Scholarships:

CU Boulder 1st Gen Grant

Community College of Denver Scholarships:

Viewable by the Month Due:   

College Opportunity Fund

Volunteer/Community Service Focused: (Hey, Mentors!)

Emily Griffith Scholarships!

Create a College in Colorado account to search for scholarships JUST FOR YOU!

Link below for is for October deadline opportunities!

Check out the links below for the following types of Scholarships!

Check out Scholar Snapp as a way to manage all of your scholarship applications! 

Financial Assistance Resources including links to information on budgeting:

Don’t Be Fooled!
If a scholarship offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Here are some false claims that could mean you’re about to lose money:
• “Thousands of dollars in scholarships go unclaimed each year.”
• “Guaranteed or your money back!”
• “Give me your credit card or bank account number to hold this scholarship.”
• “The scholarship will cost some money.”
• “You’ve been selected...”*
• “You’re a finalist in a contest” (that you never entered.)

*You should also be skeptical about “special offers” on college loans. Always compare loan terms with college loans offered by the government.

Another thing to remember when you’re researching scholarships is not to pass up scholarships just because it’s not a $1,000 scholarship. When it comes to scholarships, anything helps. A lot of times people might consider it not worth their while to apply for a $100 scholarship because it’s not that much—maybe it will pay for part of a book. But think about it. If you spent 10 hours applying for a bunch of scholarships and all you win is that $100 scholarship, you’re still averaging $10/hr for you effort. That’s better than most HS jobs are paying these days. If you spend 100 hours searching for and applying for scholarships (a LOT of time) and you win just $1,000 for your efforts, that’s still about $10 an hour which is still a good investment of time. Think of searching and applying for scholarships as a part time job. Taking the time to do it might take months before you see any results and can be frustrating if you don’t win everything you apply for, but any money you make is money you don’t have to take on as debt.  So as you’re researching scholarship opportunities, don’t shy away from the smaller awards.

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